ZENIT. The most powerful of all the weapons ever forged, born from darkness before time and only witness of the creation of the universes. Only moved by savage and brutal instincts, travels from one reality to another calling at arms, turning whole worlds into battlefields and abandoning them sterile after centuries of never ending wars.

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Update 7!!!


Hello again!

Here's an example battle report between our friends Javier ( Dante ) and Juan ( Manfred ) so you can see some of the mechanics and how they develop on the board. They both were eager to test the new Juggers! The scenario is a standart 400 points battle so you can see how they're perfectly playable in a regular game.

Valerius escorts the Tabernacle throught the woods along with his guard from the Kingdom of God when suddenly he starts to see strange movements in the grass. By the time he notices, Zonik has his crowd and a big big friend forming.

How will the battle end? click the link.



Update 6

Meet Glaucos the Damned

Thanks to your support we've unlocked a lot of new miniatures. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! Today we're going to talk about Glaucos the Damned, the mercenary from the Not Alive that all of you will take home to terrorize your opponents.

The life of a mercenary is a lonely existence. To know that tomorrow you can turn on anyone for money is a serious problem when it comes to socializing, that's why we decided for every mercenary to have their own pet to keep them company in the hard life of the sword for hire. But Glaucos is the exception: he is actually the animal, and the soldier is his companion.

Glaucos was a genius summoner at the service of the Notalife, an agent whose mission was to extend their domain along new territories. But he messed up pronouncing a rune wrong and ended up accidentally turned into an owl. Surprised, embarrased and terribly afraid for his life, he hid in a cave in which with his wings and his little claws he started the ritual which created Garrul, his guardian creature. Garrul is actually a mindless being who staggers around Glaucos to protect him.

In game

In the deploy stage, we¡ll put only Glaucos' miniature in game. Glaucos moves faster and has the special rules Flight and Agile, so he'll be able to put himself in an advantageous position more easily. But watch out! As soon as an enemy miniature gets at 30 Cm of him he'll have a panic attack and inmediately summon Garrul.

Once with Garrul on the board, Glaucos won't dare to separate from him, and rightfully so!Garrul is an authentic regenerating meat shield with two jaws who will literally devour anyone who dares to attack his master. The golden rule to control Garrul is to keep in mind that he's completely blind, so you have to put Glaucos in a safe position behind his guardian but with line of vision to the dangers and targets for Garrul.

The Curse of the Crypt

Just like the rest of the mercenaries, Glaucos comes with his own scenario. On this ocasion we'll revive the very moment in which Glaucos commited the terrible mistake that turned him into an unique being. On it, Glaucos starts in his cave trying to obtain the components for the spell with which he conjured Garrul for the first time. The scenario will be a normal 400 points showdown, but on the first turns the player controlling Glaucos will have to protect him as he gathers the components and finishes the ritual. If he does, Garrul will enter the game with bonuses to his DC and FU and will make the deaths caused by him worth double the victory points. Will you get to conjure in time? Live Glaucos' tension and panic in The Curse of the Crypt!

5 update!

We want to reward all of you for your support and confidence. Thats our gift for all of you.

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